UDEMY: On-line courses on Clinical Research..

  • 06 Nov 19

UDEMY has a vast collection of on-line courses related on several aspects of clinical research. There are many courses on research but you have to pay for them. We are only providing you with the main link..

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FutureLearn: Courses related to Clinical Research..

  • 03 Nov 19

You will see listing of the courses on another on-line platform: FutureLearn

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Courses on Research in Coursera..

  • 01 Nov 19

There are several online courses on clinical research and related topics. Most of them are free and from reputable institutions. We are starting with COURSERA to give you an idea.

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AllTrials initiative efforts gave results..

  • 27 Oct 19

An AllTrials report for the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has found that 33 NHS trust sponsors and six UK universities are reporting none of their clinical trial results, while others have gone from 0% to 100% following an announcement from the Select Committee in January that universities and NHS trusts with missing trials had 6 months to correct it.
Recent news from AllTrials report that since January, two universities and three NHS trusts have progressed from 0% reporting to 100% reporting. There are now four UK universities and five NHS trusts showing as having reported 100% of their results, showing it can be done. Overall, the reporting rate for UK university and NHS trust-sponsored trials has increased since January, from 48.1% to 63.9%.

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4th National Clinical Research Congress..

  • 12 Sep 19

A first from Clinical Research Association

4th National Clinical Research Congress will be held between 6-7 February 2020 virtually.

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WHO published the GLOBAL INNOVATION INDEX 2019 Report.

  • 12 Aug 19

Switzerland, Sweden, and USA are on the top 3. Turkey ranks 49th.

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Data manipulation in the most expensive drug of the world..

  • 07 Aug 19

The FDA said Tuesday that Novartis submitted manipulated data as part of its application for a new gene therapy, and didn’t tell the agency until after the treatment was approved. The drug is called Zolgensma. It is used for children less than 2-years-old with spinal muscular atrophy and costs $2.1 million.

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ICH E8 draft released..

  • 16 Jul 19

ICH E8 General Considerations for Clinical Trials was first released in 1997. Due to changes during years clinical study design and conduct have become more complex, impacting the time and cost required to develop drugs. The draft reflects these changes.

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Boğaziçi University received accreditation for ‘’Experimental Animal Care and Breeding Unit’’ (Vivarium)..

  • 12 Jul 19

Placed inside the Boğaziçi University Center for Life Sciences and Technologies ‘’Experimental Animal Care and Breeding Unit’’ (Vivarium) has received full accreditation from the only accreditation institution on using animals for science experiments AALAC International, making it the only accredited experimental animal laboratory.

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Spin in Cardiovascular Studies...

  • 08 Jun 19

A study is performed to determine the level and prevalence of spin in published reports of cardiovascular randomized clinical trial reports. Spin is defined as the manipulation of language to potentially mislead readers from the likely truth of the results, can distract the reader and lead to misinterpretation and misapplication of the findings.

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